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Our trip to the Energeticon

14 June 2019

In our presentation we want to tell you something about the Energeticon. Let's go!

The Energeticon is located at 7 Konrad-Adenauer-Allee in Alsdorf. When we got there we had a guided tour around and heard a lot about the Alsdorf coal pit and the mineworkers. The Energeticon is a big building. But it's not only big - it's also very old. 

The mineworkers were very hard working. They went a thousand feet underground mining. They had some problems, for example when they were underground they could not go to the toliet. So they had to use a bucket.

At the end of our tour we built something like a flashlight to generate electricity. We did a quiz on that.

Today the Energeticon is used for tours and performances. Last week there was a comedy show on.

Destan, Virginia and Yasmine (6a)

The picture shows the hall where the miners changed before they went underground.


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